Intelligent pre-coding

Streamlined pre-coding through machine learning and RPA

ExFlow automates all phases in the AP process to streamline processing as much as possible. This includes leveraging interpreted invoice data to pre-code all invoices for AP. Of course AP staff are free to change coding throughout the process, but ExFlow is a self-learning solution that continuously develops to maximize automation and minimize human interaction where it is not necessary.

As interpreted invoice data is imported into ExFlow on D365 all data is validated against ERP masterdata. To identify vendors correctly ExFlow can use a combination of unique values including: Organizational number, VAT Registration, Bank account, IBAN or PO number.

As ExFlow can manage all types of invoices, ExFlow uses Machine Learning and/or RPA (Advanced Business Rules) on the interpreted data  to pre-code invoices to minimize manual processing and increase accuracy. As ExFlow applies coding on the invoices, all business logic in D365 runs in the background, meaning that no duplication of data or setup is required.

Machine learning and RPA (Advanced Business Rules)

ExFlow can automate coding of invoices using either Machine Learning or RPA (Advanced Business Rules for Robotic Process Automation). ExFlow’s Machine Learning functionality uses historic invoice data (and actions) to suggest coding templates for incoming invoices. Invoices are clustered based in similarities and based on confidence level ExFlow can apply suggested coding templates. Of course AP staff can override and apply their own coding if necessary.

ExFlow’s RPA functionality applies multi-levered business rules using invoice data to apply pre-determined coding templates on invoices. Coding can split lines, allocate lines on a single invoice to different departments and much much more. The RPA capability is very flexible and can be tailored to fit the needs of any organization.

ExFlow automates the generation of approval workflows based on invoice data – no need for manual interaction. ExFlow can suggest approval routing on line level, routing that can be changed and adjusted without the need to recall and retrigger the workflow. All to minimize the need for manual work and increase the level of automation.

Leveraging ExFlow for fraud detection

Validating against vendor master data also enables you to leverage ExFlow in fraud prevention as ExFlow can be set to match the bank account number on an invoice with the bank account details on the vendor Masterfile, and notify and stop the invoice process if there is a difference. As fraud detection is an ongoing process, automating this process enables your organization to continuously protect itself from invoice fraud.

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