Invoice approval workflow

Dynamic invoice approval workflow on any device

ExFlow Approval Web enables end-users to approve invoice on the go, using any platform (smartphone, tablet or computer). This speeds up the approval process, enabling organizations to turnaround invoice approval rapidly to ensure that all invoices are paid on time, every time. According to recent research – AP Automation will enable an organization to process an invoice 2.5x faster than manual processing (Ardent Partners – The State of ePayables 2020).

Automatic e-mails to the approver

When invoices are assigned to an approver, this person automatically receives an email with a link to the approval interface and a list of all the invoices pending approval. Invoices that are overdue, or that are about to become overdue, are clearly highlighted using a different color.

Mobile access for approval

ExFlow offers full support for mobile devices. Users can use any device – the ExFlow Approval Web works just as well on an iPhone, Android, tablet or computer. There is even an approval portal is available within Dynamics 365 as a workspace.

Users can easily access and view the actual invoice, as well as approve, reject and add comments. Approval also works cross company if approvers are allowed to approve invoices from multiple companies. This means that users only have to go to one place to approve all invoices regardless of company.

Approval, account entry, attachments and comments

Once the approver is logged in, he/she has access to all invoices awaiting approval. Approvers also have access to all accounts, dimensions and business logic as ExFlow is a fully integrated part of Dynamics 365.

In addition, they can access invoices connected to approvers ahead of them in the approval chain. They can access all attachments and add new ones, for example lists of participants, spreadsheets, agreements etc. They can add comments to be viewed by the next approver and the accounting department.

ExFlow also enables approvers to chat with AP staff, with messages seen both on the approval web as well as in ExFlow on Dynamics 365. Approvers can direct comments to specific individuals and automatically sends an email to the recipient. This greatly assists the AP team as instead of having to reject an invoice and start the entire process again, the AP team and approvers can simply communicate via the chat and quickly agree on what to do with the invoice in question.

Flexible approval workflows

The approval workflow can be as simple or as complex as the organization requires.  ExFlow utilizes Dynamics 365 Workflow, Position Hierarchies, Signing limits, or a combination of all of these.  There is also an Advanced Workflow option, which allows a truly data driven and flexible approval chain – for example you may wish to have a cost centre owner as the first approver, followed by a department owner as the next, then the reference person as the next, all based on signing limits, and so on.

ExFlow empowers the organization with dynamic workflows that can change as your organization does. With minimal administration.

Full overview of invoices awaiting approval

The accounting department maintain full control over all invoices out for approval in the ExFlow interface in Dynamics 365. They
can see all pending invoices, which invoices that have been approved or rejected, etc. They can also see the account entry, who approved a specific invoice, and current and coming approver in the workflow.

All history relating to an invoice, such as approval time and date, is readily accessible; as well as related comments and attachments.

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