Invoice matching

Match invoices dynamically against contracts, PO:s, goods receipts and more

ExFlow is designed to automate invoice matching against multiple sources, including Purchase Orders, Contracts, Goods Receipts, Payment Plans and more. By automating approval, the invoice process is streamlined and AP-staff only need to manage exceptions and deal with discrepancies. Through automation companies can lower invoice process costs by up to 80%.

When the invoice is interpreted, information down to line level, such as item number, quantity, unit price, etc. is identified. ExFlow uses this line information to match the invoices with available purchase orders, also down to line level.

ExFlow enhances Dynamics 365 standard matching rules, enabling full support for three-way matching in order to determine how an invoice should continue to be processed.

ExFlow leverages and enhances Dynamics 365 matching rules

The unit price and quantity on the invoice are compared to the purchase order during the matching process. If compliant with the rules, or if there is a price discrepancy within a specified tolerance level, the line is automatically matched and no further action is required.

If ExFlow is unable to match the invoice data to a purchase order or if a discrepancy is identified, the invoice is sent for approval. The approver can approve, reject or deal with the discrepancy. ExFlow also has functions to automatically deal with charges not included in the purchase order such as shipping, packaging, insurance, etc.

Automatic matching with tolerance, price and quantity variance, and freight charges

ExFlow uses all tolerance setting that are set up in Dynamics 365, so there is no need to duplicate setup. If an invoice is matched and a price variance is detected, the invoice will automatically be sent out for approval, with the approval chain automatically generated based on the invoice data. Of course, if the discrepancy was within the set tolerances, the invoice would be matched and ready for final posting.

Freight charges can also be automatically matched, all based on the parameters set in Dynamics 365 – where limits can be set to automatically accept freight charges up to a certain level for example.

If you receive an invoice that matches to a PO but the delivered amount differs, ExFlow will match the invoice to the PO but not approve the invoice for final posting. Of course, it will not be sent out for manual approval despite the quantity variance, as the approver should not take action until the full quantity is registered. So the invoice will be set on hold, and ExFlow will automatically match the invoice when the full quantity is delivered.

Matching against contracts to automate recurring spend without a PO

ExFlow also allows companies to set up contracts to automate the matching of recurring invoices that lack POs. This means that companies can automate the handling of mobile phone bills, utilites, leasing and other recurring spend categories.

As with all other matching scenarios – contract matching also leverages variance and tolerance matching. Matching is done against total amount for the contract as well as amounts per period. This allows companies to set contracts that can fluctuate over time – for instance electricity bills that can be higher in the periods of higher consumption.

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Full support for 3-way matching

  • Purchase orders
  • Contracts
  • Goods receipts
  • Payment plans
  • Budgets
  • And more…