Invoice scanning and data capture

All formats in one channel – paper, pdf, e-invoice or EDI

Manual invoice data entry is a tedious process. For AP departments it’s a time-consuming task with a high risk of errors. Flawed data input can lead to accounting errors, exceptions and data duplication. To automate invoice entry, ExFlow recommends ReadSoft, an OCR and invoice data capture solution from Kofax. ReadSoft is available both as a cloud solution (RSO) as well as an on-premise solution (RSI).

ReadSoft captures invoice data and posts this into ExFlow using API. ReadSoft is rapidly deployed, with low support and maintenance costs. ReadSoft reads, interprets and extracts vital invoice data such as vendor, reference, invoice number, amount, due date, PO number, as well as line item details.

The invoice data (such as vendor) is then validated against ERP-master data before posting the data into ExFlow. If information is missing or misinterpreted, the data can easily be manually added or edited. ReadSoft highlights potential issues in the intuitive and user-friendly interface.

As a cloud service, Readsoft Online (RSO) does not require any new servers and is low maintenance for IT departments.

How Data Capture works

ReadSoft can be set up for document capture from a number of input sources:

  • E-mail attachments to customer-specific addresses
  • Upload through ReadSoft Online Connect
  • Upload through the web user interface

Invoices can be uploaded one by one or in batches. Where a single PDF document is received containing multiple invoices, the page separation service can be used to quickly split these into individual invoices.

ReadSoft  supports the following file formats for invoice images: PDF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and TIF.

When sending XML invoices via email, ReadSoft currently supports input in these XML-formats: E2B, EHF, UBL, FatturaPA, ESXML, Finvoice, Svefaktura and ZUGFeRD.

When all invoice data is validated the invoice data and the invoice image is transferred to ExFlow for processing.

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Supported E-Invoice formats

  • E2B
  • EHF
  • UBL
  • FatturaPA
  • Finvoice
  • Svefaktura

Supported invoice image formats

  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • TIF

Invoice capture demo